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      Total Vaginal Reconstruction with Mesh


Total Vaginal Reconstruction with Mesh


Total Vaginal Reconstruction has been made possible by the combination of a number of individual reconstructive procedures. The total procedure is represented by the diagram below.


These components can include an anterior retropubic sling (1), anterior mesh (2), anterior lateral supports (3), posterior translevator sling (4), posterior mesh (5) and perineal body reconstruction (6).

The advantage of this procedure is that it enables a number of defects to be addressed with a single minimally invasive procedure without the need for laparoscopy or any abdominal incision. 

Dr Farnsworth has performed over 500 of these procedures since 2001 using a number of different meshes and all of the major mesh kit products that are available. The results of this operation have been presented at International Clinical Meetings and published in International Peer Reviewed journals.

This is a major procedure and is an alternative to an open or laparoscopic abdominal sacro-colpopexy procedure. It can be done using a customised mesh prosthesis that is cut out from a large square of mesh during the procedure or it can be performed with a combination of commercially available products including the Apogee, Perigee, Prolift, Pelvisoft and Avaulta.

In February 2008 Dr Farnsworth's own design for a pelvic floor repair system became available in Europe. 

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