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Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon





               Patient Information - Prolapse


Conservative Treatment Options


Many patients find pelvic exercises unsatisfactory. Despite years of performing  Pelvic Floor exercises they tell me that they have never really seen any benefit. This is unfortunate as the pelvic muscles are important in a number of areas. The function of the muscles of the pelvis include:

1. Retention of the abdominal viscera

2. opening and closure of the urethra

3. opening and closing of anus and rectum  


If these muscles are not functioning properly then major problems can occur with bladder and bowel function.


Often patients have never really been properly instructed in how to perform Pelvic Floor Exercises and in order to ensure a good result we recommend undergoing treatment with an Expert Specialist Physiotherapist and by using other treatments to maximise muscle function and vaginal health beforehand.


Pessaries and Other Devices

A number of pessaries, trusses and support devices are available to provide external support to the pelvic floor. These are especially helpful in patients who are unsuitable for surgery or who wish to defer surgery.


Vaginal oestrogen

Vaginal oestrogen will help improve the health of the vagina and the thickness and quality of the epithelium. Thin atrophic epithelium is unlikely to respond to pelvic training and is more likely to be uncomfortable and reduce compliance with treatment. Vaginal treatments such as Vagifem and Ovestin do not carry the same riska as systemic oestrogen due to the very small doses involved.


 Electromagnetic Induction Therapy

Electromagnetic induction therapy is the latest form of muscle stimulation that has become available in the Centre for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery at Sydney Adventist Hospital. 

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Electrical Stimulation

Vaginal probe electrical stimulation has been used for many years to prepare the vaginal muscles. Some patients would prefer to use a stimulator at home to try and build up the muscles.


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