Dr Bruce Farnsworth

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon






               Patient Information - Prolapse


Preparing for Surgery

The first step is to make the correct decision. Hopefully you will be considering surgery when all other avenues of treatment have been exhausted and the problem has reached a point where the risks of the procedure are balanced and exceeded by the problems caused by your prolapse or incontinence.

Deciding on Treatment 


Consent for surgery

This will be done by Doctor Farnsworth prior to your operation.

Booking Into Hospital

The secretary will help you with all arrangements. Some hospitals require you to book in personally. Our secretary will help you make the necessary arrangements after you have completed your hospital papers and consent forms.


Medications and Bowel Preps

Bowel preparation is rarely needed for Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery. Your doctor will indicate if any special bowel preparation is necessary but this is usually only necessary if there is a complication requiring dissection very close to the bowel.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin should be stopped 10 days prior to surgery to minimise bleeding. This may not be necessary for some minor procedures.

All other medications continue as before.



Financial Concent

Prior to your surgery you will be given full financial consent. This is especially relevant to the cost of prostheses and special arrangements your health fund may have with hospital

Fees Information