Dr Bruce Farnsworth

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon





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The Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program

Dr Farnsworth has organised a comprehensive Pelvic Rehabilitation Program from his clinic at Sydney Adventist Hospital. After initial assessment you will be given a number of choices in how you approach this.


  1. Lifestyle changes are important - diet, weight, exercise, caffeine and medications are important

  2. Hormone supplementation - local oestrogen in the vagina is always helpful and you may choose to try some bio-identical natural hormone supplements as well

  3. NeoControl Therapy - this involves building up the muscles before starting Physiotherapy

  4. Electromagnetic stimulation - we can provide you with a personal device to do your exercises at home

  5. Physiotherapy - a number of highly skilled and motivated physios are waiting to be your personal pelvic trainer


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