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               Patient Information - The Chair


Electromagnetic Induction Therapy

The NeoControl Chair 

The NeoControl Chair is a new option in the management of pelvic problems. "The Chair" is a safe outpatient method of forcing the pelvic muscles to exercise while you read a magazine think about what you might do at the weekend, or even knit Dr Farnsworth a pair of socks.


A number of studies are now confirming the clinical impression that the chair is at least and probably better than other methods of stimulating the pelvic musculature. In particular we have found the Chair to be most effective when it is followed up by intensive pelvic floor training from a physiotherapist. 

The standard chair treatment program consists of 2 sessions lasting 20-30 minutes each week for 10 weeks. This can be done in conjunction with or separate to a consultation with Dr Farnsworth.


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