What is Hysteroscopy?


Hysteroscopy is the use of a small telescope to view the inside of uterus

(womb). It is different from the laparoscope, which uses a telescope to view the outside of the uterus.


Why is it necessary?


It can be used to diagnose the causes of abnormal bleeding from the uterus,infertility and recurrent miscarriages.


How long does it take?


Each person is different, but on average 20-30 minutes per examination.


What happens?


A general anaesthetic is administered in hospital or a day surgery clinic. The telescope is inserted and the inside of the uterus is examined.  If anything unusual is found, a biopsy may be taken.  If anything more major is necessary, it would be advisable to be admitted to hospital at another time, so that appropriate treatment can be performed under general or epidural anaesthetic.


How do I know if I need a Hysteroscopy?


Your doctor will advise if one is necessary.  It is important to see your

doctor is you have any abnormal bleeding, particularly if it is heavy or occurs between periods.


When is the Hysteroscopy best done?


It is best to have it done in the first half of the cycle, but if necessary it can be done any time.


Where is the procedure done?


The procedure may be done in a gynaecology office, if it is set up with the appropriate equipment.


What preparation do I need?


You will need to fast for at least 6 hours prior to your procedure. No other special preparation is needed.