CYSTOSCOPY                     Item Number 36812


This is an exploratory procedure which allows the gynaecologist to see the inside of the bladder and urethra. A telescope about the width of a pen and is inserted through the urethral opening.




        -       to investigate bladder symptoms and incontinence

        -       to examine the bladder for cysts and tumours

        -       to obtain biopsy specimens

        -       to investigate bleeding from the urinary tract

        -       to check for fistulas or damage


If the exploratory or diagnostic procedure indicates that further surgery is necessary, this may be carried out immediately to avoid a return to hospital and another anaesthetic.  If this is possible this will have been discussed with you beforehand.




Medication is sometimes given before the anaesthetic to produce relaxation.  A general anaesthetic is then given. There is no cut or incision. The cystoscope is inserted. Water (saline) is introduced into the bladder so that the anatomy can be seen. When the instrument is removed the bladder is emptied.




No surgery is without risk, but the risks associated  with this surgery are small .  Damage may occur to the bladder or urethra. Complications such as bleeding within the abdomen or damage to the bowel or adjacent organs occur rarely, and if this happens, further surgery may berequired. Anaesthesia itself is never without risk and the risks are greater for women who smoke or who are significantly overweight.




Following the operation you may experience some symptoms that may last a day or so, such as:

*       Mild nausea, related to the anaesthetic.

*       Mild bleeding or discharge for a few days.

*       symptoms of cystitis




Discharge  from hospital is usually on the same day providing you are well enough .  Rarely overnight stay is required. With most procedures, normal  physical and sexual activity can be resumed when you feel well enough. You may shower and bathe as you wish. You will usually be asked to return to the rooms in about one - two weeks for discussion of the findings.