Fibroids are BENIGN tumours of muscle in the uterine wall. Although they may be benign fibroids can interfere with uterine function to cause pain, bleeding or infertility. Complications include torsion, infarction, and compression of adjacent structures. Fibroids rarely develop a malignant tumour known as a sarcoma.



Alternative Therapies


A number of patients will obtain relief from natural hormone preparations, acupuncture or herbal preparations. Dr Farnsworth supports the use of these treatments as long as dangerous pathology has been excluded and blood loss has not been excessive.


Read here how Dr Farnsworth's patients have used natural hormones to shrink fibroids and reduce bleeding.


Hysteroscopy and Biopsy


This procedure enables cancer to be excluded and tissue samples obtained. On some occasions a small polyp or fibroid  may be present in the uterus and able to be simply removed with a dramatic improvement in symptoms. 


Transcervical Endometrial and Fibroid Resection


In this technique an operating hysteroscope is used to remove the lining of the womb or a fibroid in strips. This may  result in a significant decrease in the amount of menstrual bleeding and could restore fertility if a fibroid was interfering with uterine function. 


Case History: Ms BK was a 26 year old woman who had infertility and irregular bleeding. Hysteroscopy revealed a single submucous fibroid in the uterine cavity which was able to be removed by hysteroscopic resection. Figure 1 shows before and after shots below:




Surgical removal of a fibroid may be the best option in someone who is trying to preserve uterine function or avoid more invasive and final options.


Subtotal Hysterectomy


This technique is effective in achieving the same result as a full hysterectomy but with the advantage of retaining the all important upper vaginal support structures that may help prevent prolapse in the future.


In some cases where the uterus is virtually replaced with fibroids a subtotal hysterectomy will be the only option that enables complete removal of the problem short of a total hysterectomy.




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