Dr Bruce Farnsworth

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon




             Fees Information


Public Hospital Admission

Dr Farnsworth operates as a private specialist within the Australian and European health System.  He holds only Honorary positions in the Public Health System where he has been involved in Post Graduate teaching for a number of years. 

Occasionally Dr Farnsworth has the opportunity to arrange surgery in a public hospital without charge to the patient as part of a surgical training workshop. This may involve waiting for some considerable time for a bed to be available.


Private Fees

All patients who see Dr Farnsworth for consultation and treatment are liable for Private Fees. Dr Farnsworth utilises the scale of fees published regularly by the Australian Medical Association. All patients are charged the AMA Recommended Fee except those who hold a Veteran's Affairs Gold Card.

At present some sample representative fees are listed below:

Initial Consultation            Item No 104                $180

Follow Up Consultation     Item Number 105         $90

Dr Farnsworth does not discount fees and all patients who undergo surgery are charged the same rate. Special arrangements can be made to defer or delay payment for those patients who experience any financial difficulty. Please discuss this issue with our staff if you are having any problem.

Special arrangements are organised for any patients who require a second operation as part of a staged procedure or due to a complication that requires a second or third operation. These patients will not be billed any further out of pocket expense by this clinic.

Speak to Doctor Farnsworth or his staff if you have any concerns about fees 

PreOperative Consultation


Prior to your operation you will undertake a preoperative consultation so that full preoperative consent can be obtained. This involves a detailed explanation and discussion with regards to the pros and cons of undergoing surgery as well as the potential risks of your procedure. This extended consultation will attract an additional fee of $200 at the time of consultation.


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