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Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon




      Porcine Dermis Implants

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Pelvicol Permanent Implant

PELVICOL® from C.R. Bard is a permanent natural collagen  implant that is manufactured from porcine dermis tissue (pig skin). The collagen implant is designed for permanent implantation and will become incorporated in the tissues. PELVICOL® can be used to repair a defect or hernia in the pelvic fascia in the same way that mesh has been used but without the potential for long term complications associated with mesh.

PELVICOL® is particularly helpful in patients who have already suffered from failure of a previous operation where there has been erosion, rejection or extrusion of polypropylene mesh. 

Pelvicol was introduced to Australia in 2001 when the first cases were performed in Sydney Adventist Hospital.


Launced in Australia in 2006.